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How to do [trade] signs Empty How to do [trade] signs

Post  Guest on Wed May 04, 2011 9:27 am

Ok so im gonna set up a trading town, and all you noobs will be like if you give me this i will give you that, when theres a much easier way, the [trade] signs! yes you can make them, heres the website:

Heres my quick explanation on how to use them:

line 1: [trade]
line 2: $amount you want:0
line 3: #stack size #item number:amount of item your adding to sign
line 4: your name will appear here
so now your sign will look like this

10 redstone:20

[trade] trading
$10:0 $10, 0 money in sign
10 redstone:20 10 Redstone per $10, there is 20 Redstone in the sign
EliteASH_11 who made the sign

so now you have figured out how to sell stuff, but you need some supplies, so all you do is!!!

line2: amount item:0
line3: $amount for:amount in sign
line4: your name will appear here when you have clicked ok

so obviously it will look like this
1 glass:0

Explanation again!
[trade] trading
1 glass:0 buying 1 glass for $10, o in sign
$10:1000 paying $10 for 1 glass, $1000 in the sign
EliteASH_11 who made the sign

Keep in mind sell your stuff you need a rank builder, not guest.

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