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Kungfu8 Ban Reason Empty Kungfu8 Ban Reason

Post  RastaMajik on Mon May 23, 2011 11:32 pm

this has been reversed last chance for him
slightest sort of grief he is banned .

i had 17 diamonds in my chest which i got legit i was relocking all my chest and must have forgot that one as its hid beetween to workbenches
he also stole a stack and half of moss stone off me so me and jomalley investigated
he said a frined gave it him which we doubt as he joined like an hour ago i got no picture proof
but Lenden_Longbeard saw him in my house and didint think anything of it until i mentioned i had lost diamond and moss stone
he can testify if he wants but not much use as he was now and ended up with 17 diamonds.

i have lost these and not really bothered bout the refunding
wouldnt mind it if you did though


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